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I'm still around.

Eighters gonna eight!

Pink Ranger
hello there. wassup!!!
I'm Carla.
Eighter. Citizen of the world. Portuguese.

Nishikido Ryo fan, no guilt trips about that.
Kanjani8: Not only a group, a way of life.
Uchi Hiroki worshiper. Hater? Please go away.


I like boys who love boys.
RyoxUchi is my eternal OTP.
BL movies. Coat West. Yaoi.

Lately into anime again. Sort of.

Asian Dramas. Horror movies. Crime shows.
The Walking Dead. HANNIBAL. Criminal Minds. SHERLOCK. Game of Thrones.
Downton Abbey. Modern Family.

Occasionally I write fanfiction.
I don't update much.
I believe in the Eito Rangers power.

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